Foremast Top

Planks and Foot Boards on
Dap Weldwood

So I was thinking about making a video on using this Dap contact cement for this particular job. I mean it works perfectly for it and it does a great job. What you do is you put it right around the edge of the Top on both the edging and the surface of the Top. Then you have to wait around 15 minutes or so before sticking it and it does a great job of holding and then what I like to do is to dribble some super glue around it to harden it. And it works great that way.

Dap Weldwood + Superglue works great


As you can see, I dribbled a bit of this Superglue around the edges, then quickly dabbed the excess up with Q-Tip.

I like this Superglue for this work
Top Platform

I decided to use the Dowels which I originally made for the Main Mast for the Top Foremast. Everything seemed to fit perfectly except for a slight trim, so why not?

Foremast Top
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