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Columns for Forward Bulwarks along Forecastle

Here’s a picture of it before I start…

Making Columns at 13mm each

Column Posts
Still working on it…
Gluing Columns to Bulwark
Gunwales installed Port side.

I’m just using SuperGlue liquid for the Gunwales.

I used Titebond II for the Columns to make them extra strong.

Gunwales done both sides

That was tedious.

So now I begin the Pin Rails.


Getting ready to make the Columns which will hold the Pinrails across the forward part of the Forecastle.

The Mamoli Instructions don’t give any measurements for it so I’m going with 10mm with these 2mm x 3mm Stock.

Forecastle before Forward Pinrail
Titebond Translucent Wood Glue

I was having problems with this 2×4 Stock kept splitting on me.

I decided to try this Wood Glue on the outside of the wood to try and prevent this.

Wood coated with Glue
Letting Posts dry

I used SuperGlue for this work.

I have to let it get nice and dry because the rail which the Pinrails go into bends down a bit so I’ll have to Clamp on the middle rail.

Clamping Rail to middle Column. Also I added the 1×2 Fillers in between the 1×1 Slats on bottom to strengthen the Posts as they stand.
Dograil completed

It’s completed except for the Holes for the Belaying Pins.

Holes drilled, Belaying Pins in