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Fairing the Hull

I’ve started fairing the Stern portion of the Hull… Especially under the Transom.

Filing the Stern

I’m using a File to file down the Bulkheads so that the Planks will lie flat across them.

You file down 2 Bulkheads at a time until the file lies flat across them.

I also use Sandpaper on a Holder…

Sand Papers and File

I’m using 120 Grit Sandpaper paper. It cuts just enough but to too hard.

Fairing Away…

Fairing the Hull

I’ve been fairing the Hull for probably about a day or so now. Taking my time with it because I keep noticing spots that need adjusting and filing.

One problem that I encountered was that my File kept splinting bits of wood off the Bulkheads as I filed. Not that it makes much difference anyway since it’s all about in the area that isn’t visible.