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Tapering the 2nd Layer Planks

So I’ve been trying to figure out the easiest way to taper the second layer Walnut planks.

I made two different attempts and they both turned out successfully and I put them on.

When I did the 5 mm planks for the first layer I had to taper them all the way down to about 1/2 of the width so that made it 2.5mm…

since these Walnut planks or for mmm planks and that means I will have to tape with these ones down to exactly 1/2 which will equal to 2mm.

In the instructions it says to do the same play up for the planks going forward into the stern but they said something that doesn’t make any sense to put it on block number 35 which there isn’t any blocked number 35 in the instructions!so I am completely confused about what to do about it. So I’m going to go ahead and plank it just like I did the first layer planks.

So I taper it from 4 mm down to 2 mm to the bow and 4 mm to 3 mm for the stern.

And herein lies the problem is that these 1mm thick Lathes are really difficult to taper because they keep bending on you!

So far I tried to use a Plane; I’ve tried using Sandpaper, and I’ve tried using the Dremel and so far I have yet to find a method that isn’t labor-intensive!

The Bow Taper is on the right
Close-up of Bow Taper 4mm to 2mm from ~ 180mm to the end

I have to make around 4 of them to be worth my while to use the Contact Cement