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Doors for Headboard

I just finished these 2 Doors that I scratch built for entrance to the Head… This was the original Bathroom for the Ship. That’s why they still call the bathroom, the head on Ships.

Doors to Head

I made these out of some scrap wood and trimmed them with 1.5mm z 3mm stock.

Mamoli did provide those miniature Hinges and Handles which I put on.

Bowsprit Hole

Well, it took a bit of doing, but I finally got this Bowsprit Hole made and successfully inserted the Bowsprit.

I basically had to rebuild the Headboard by reinforcing it with additional wood. I added some 1mm x 3mm Walnut stock to it.

Then I filed out the Bowsprit Hole with a File.


Just finished installing these .5mm x 4mm Walnut Strips for the Headboard on the Forecastle.

I made a hole, reinforced with another layer of 1mm x 3mm then I added the circular Sleeve that the Bowsprit will go into.

The instructions didn’t call for the Circular Sleeve, but I scratch built one anyway. Besides, it looks cooler like this.