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Hull Painting Mid-Section

I’m beginning the masking off and painting of the mid-section of the Hull from the Waterline to the first set of Wales going up.

Using my thumbnail to really push down on the Masking tape so I don’t get any bleeding into the White Hull
Mid-Section complete

I’ve got to only paint the rest of the Stem to be finished with the painting for now. I’m glad how it turned out. I used my Thumbnail to really push down on the Masking Tape so that kept the black paint from bleeding into the White. I did have a couple of minor spots but not anything that is noticeable. You have to be careful with Black. The White Paint for the Hull, I put on 6 Coats because it is so transparent. But the opaque Black, I only used 2 coats.

I forgot to mention the type of paint I used. I’ve had pretty good luck with the stuff I buy from the Michael’s, the craft store. I simply buy those little bottles of them. The black I used is called Beetle Black. The white is Titanium White. The brand is the Martha Steward Craft paint. I mean… if you want, you can order paint from like Model Shipyard or MicroMark or whatever, but in my opinion, they’re no better or worse than this Martha Steward stuff. What is paint anyway… but paint? Very overpriced in my opinion, but that’s probably the price you have to pay to have the small bottles and different colors available.

Also, another thing I noticed was that these bottles force you to “squeeze” the paint out into some sort of container. I use discarded plastic salsa cups. Every time I go and get Mexican food, I make sure and save those little salsa cups. Anyway, the paint you squeeze out, a lot of it goes to waste. So that’s another way that they make money off of you.

Martha Steward paint and plastic Salsa cups
Starboard side