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Long Fish Look Part 2

Here we are with the Long Fish Look on the Starboard side.

Long Fish Look

This is the look I get after I glued in the 3 Planks starting at the Keel with no tapering.

The next Planks I taper down to around 3 mm… Then 2.5mm… around there.

Then, I use Fillers in the Turn of the Bilge section.

Turn of the Bilge

Long Fish Look Part 1

I was looking at the remaining Planks necessary in order to complete the 2nd Planking.

As I was installing the 1st layer of Planks, I noticed this same phenomenon happening. I call it the Long Fish Look. It’s hard to get around. I haven’t quite got my head around it yet…

Long Fish Look Port Side… Notice the tail on the Stern?

No matter what I do, I have to compensate for that narrow portion on the after side of the ship… Hmmm…

Another look at the Long Fish Look on Starboard side