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Cannon / Gun Carraige Production Line

As much as have tried to avoid it, I’m having to make a Cannon Production Line.

Each Cannon Carraige takes me around 15-20 minutes to make.

Parts lined up… Ready to assemble.

After making about eight or nine of them are so, I found out that I am not making the front part correctly. Not that anybody would ever notice… but I would notice so I corrected it and I would just have to live with the ones that I have made a mistake on.

The proper way it’s supposed to be put together.

I was putting the Buffer on the front on a bit too low I found

Only 9 more to go…

First I attach both Cheeks to the Transom. Then I attach the Bed to the Rear Axle and attach it to the front Axle. Then the Wheels come next.

Here I’m demonstrating how to make these Gun Carraiges