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Superglue or CA Glue

My favorite Superglues

That’s the Applicator on the right to get into tight spaces.

Superglue is great for certain applications.

I use it for small parts. Contrary to Planking, which I use Titebond Translucent Wood Glue.

You can also use Superglue when you’re desperate to attach a couple of pieces together in a hurry.

Just don’t get it on your fingertips. If you do, use Acetone to remove it.

Additional Gluing for the 2nd Layer Planks

This Dap Weldwood Contact Cement works pretty good for doing this 2nd Layer Plank work.

With the exception of one thing. I have found that often I would have to use supplemental gluing for the areas that are experiencing Pressure. Primarily on the Bow and Transom.

The Bow, I’ve basically cured it by using my Jig and prebending the Planks before applying the Contact Cement. In other words, I don’t apply the wood and force it to bend around the Bow. The first few times I did this, I had to use SuperGlue and hold it down for a minute or so.

I’m not a big fan of SuperGlue. I’m skeptical whether it will come apart in a future date.

So… I try to use the Titebond II Wood Glue with a Clamp to hold it in place, if u can help it.

Here, I’m clamping some boards that weren’t tight enough on the Transom.

Cannon / Gun Carraige Production Line

As much as have tried to avoid it, I’m having to make a Cannon Production Line.

Each Cannon Carraige takes me around 15-20 minutes to make.

Parts lined up… Ready to assemble.

After making about eight or nine of them are so, I found out that I am not making the front part correctly. Not that anybody would ever notice… but I would notice so I corrected it and I would just have to live with the ones that I have made a mistake on.

The proper way it’s supposed to be put together.

I was putting the Buffer on the front on a bit too low I found

Only 9 more to go…

First I attach both Cheeks to the Transom. Then I attach the Bed to the Rear Axle and attach it to the front Axle. Then the Wheels come next.

Here I’m demonstrating how to make these Gun Carraiges

Mixing Superglue and Titebond II

I inadvertently mixed some Superglue into a section that already had Titebond II on it.

I was a bit apprehensive about whether the Superglue would stick or not. Surprisingly, it did hold. I poured Superglue literally into the the section that already had Titebond II on it… Basically mixing the 2 together.

Here’s the section I poured it into because there was a big gap