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I added some Dark Walnut Stain to some Elmer’s Putty.

Then I applied it to all the bits with holes in it…

Putty always reminds me of the Caulk they used to put between the Planks in these Ships

I especially wanted to cover up the holes in the Prow where the Planks came up to it…

Covering up the Plank holes


Just applied some Putty on the flaws around the Hull… Especially the forward part where it bends around the Bow.

I’m using some Elmer’s ProBind Professional Strength Wood Filler.

I’ve never used this particular brand before now. Guess I’ll see how good it is. Is was recommended in one of my Ship Building books though.

Applied Wood Filler

I tried this other stuff called Plastic Wood before. I wasn’t really that much of a fan because it seemed to come off in chunks which was a bit annoying.