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Bowsprit Part 1

Beginning work on the Lower Bowsprit.

It gave me a chance to use my new Lathe.

It’s a Proxxon DB 250 Mini Lathe. I’ll tell you what… It only took me a minute to figure out and it works great for this work.

Lower Bowsprit after tapering from 8mm to 5.5mm

Also, this is a job for my Calipers.

That’s where the Running lines pass through. And the bottom is where it will lash down onto the the hold in the Stem
Squared off end

Whipping Around Bowsprit

I simply used the Common Whipping Knot for all the Whipping going up the Bowsprit.

Whipping up Bowsprit

Then I dribble some Superglue on it. The Superglue makes the line nice and hard for easy trimming with my Sprue Cutter.

This little Line Guide, I had to scratch make it because I mistakenly used it for the Ships Wheel. It came on the same part thread that the Ship’s Wheel. Anyway, I ended up breaking it… So I had to make another one.

Line Stop for lashing onto Stem

This Line Stop is made out of some spare 1x2mm Beech Wood I had. This stops the line from sliding once it’s lashed down to the Stem.