6th Strake up from Keel

This one was a bit awkward… I ended up holding it with my finger whole watching NCIS for about 30 minutes. I tried Superglue but I ended up making a mess of it so had to wait until the Titebond II set.

#6 Port side held it down with my fingers!

I’m having a bit of a problematic area on the bottom. It’s always someplace that is risky that way.

I had to bring the #6 Plank across where the Gap is and make for 2 Wedges I need to make for these Gaps. Oh well… What are you going to do eh?

Now I’m going to have to make that awkward Stealer hmmm

I keep thinking to myself what I could have done differently to avoid this… But looking at it, I don’t see where I could have done anything else? Hmmm… I’m sure a more experienced model maker could tell me, but right now? I have no idea. 🤔

On the Starboard side, I decided to extend the Plank out and sling a Rubber Band across it instead of holding it with my fingers! LOL!!! 🤭😲🤣

Slinging a Rubber band across it… Why didn’t I think of this before?!?!

I mean… Looking at it?… It’s not horrible.

Holes waiting for Stealers
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