HMS Surprise – Thoughts

Up until yesterday, I was doing pretty good with this Ship.

Then I realized that the misalignment that I did with the Gun Port placements has got me into a real bother.

It’s not that it doesn’t look good the way they are, it’s just I get a really bad nagging feeling about it not being as “perfect” as I would have liked it to be.

Anyway, yesterday I went through a whole gamut of emotions trying to figure out what to do about it. Everything from scrapping the Ship all together… to perhaps planking over all the Gun Ports to hide all those Guns and to make this ship into an armed Merchantman or something to that effect.

I suppose I can just leave it alone and just continue on… After all, no 2 ships are exactly the same.

I even went as far as watching Master & Commander to see what that ship looked like… Hmmm…

More on this later…

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