Starboard Side 2nd Layer

The Starboard side became a bit of a free for all. I knew it was misaligned from before but I ended up going from the King Fish Look… Now it’s ending up being like a… I don’t know what.

I tapered the planks down to approximately 2.5mm.

This is where I am now…

Do I have enough room for 2 more???… That is the question.

And look at what I have going on in the Stern!…

Hmmm… Not pretty. I have one off shaped hole for s Stealer

This is what happens sometimes… These things happen. And it’s up to the skill of the model maker to find a solution so that it doesn’t look like it was ever a problem… Hmmm what to do???…

Yeah… I’m going to have a few crazy planks, I can tell that right now!!!

Ok, I got some wonky ones… Totally improper but I’m just going to stick them in.

That point… Hmmm… 🤔
I know it’s weird but I had to use that space to not overstress that Plank. The end by the Bow was riding as it was… So I used SuperGlue to glue it down.

So here is the Starboard side so far with the Filler planks in… I mean… It doesn’t look too bad.

Starboard side almost done

As I work to making all these oddball Filler Plank sizes… I must say that this is probably one of my favorite parts about this hobby… Making these pieces. It’s especially rewarding when I use the Dremel to carve out a piece and when I go to try it out in the vacant spot and it fits perfectly. I’m getting better and better at that. Getting it right on the first try.

Here’s some of my odd shaped Filler Planks… The Starboard side was worse than the Port.
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