Forecastle Caprails

I was looking at the Forecastle bulwark and I realized that I need to add some more Planks to it, so I added the Caprails.

I had the perfect wood for it too. Some Flexible Beechwood that I have for another project. I love this wood because it bends right around against the grain without soaking, etc.

Attached a 2mm thick piece of Flexible Beechwood

(Only problem with this wood is that it’s super expensive)

Last night I glued the Starboard side on with the Flexible Beechwood.

I glued it using alternative SuperGlue and Titebond II.

I worked pretty good. I did it like this because of sanding. That Contact Cement isn’t very sandable.

Anyway… On the Port side, I decided to use Dap Weldwood Contact Cement since there really wasn’t much sanding involved

Also to reinforce it, I added SuperGlue along the length of the seam… Let it soak a but and pressed it down.

It turned out really nice.

Flexible Beechwood Caprail Port side

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