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After following the Instructions and the diagrams, I have come to find out that the Instructions were very deficient! ..

Now I’m having to rework the Bulwarks on both the Quarterdeck and Poop Deck, Main Deck and the Forecastle.

Gluing in Plank against the Bulwarks
Bending Plank for Forecastle Bulwarks
Made a little Wedge to raise the Bulwark up 1 mm
Clamping in

I will Plane the excess down and sand it.

Bulwarks forward part of Ship
Bulwarks Stern portion

Bulwarks Quarter Deck / Poop Deck

Just applied Contact Cement to both Bulwarks and Deck

I undercut the 3x7mm Manzonia. I had to add about 1.5mm to the end… Which was a pain but worth it because the undercut was noticeable.

Bulwarks Starboard side gluing
This is where I added the ~2mm extension
I used White Glue on the port side Bulwarks

I used Contact Cement and Superglue on the Starboard Side and White Glue on the Port Side…

Both sides have a slight outward Angle which I don’t mind.

Slight outward angles. Both Bulwarks sanded down from 3mm to 2mm

Bulwarks on Forecastle

The pieces for the Bulwarks provided by Artesania Latina were these big blocks of wood with a laser cut that only traced the line of the Bulwarks and they were much too thick and easily broken.

Pieces that were provided

I decided to make some different Bulwarks by bending some 1.5 x 5mm wood instead.

Bending the wood after soaking
First Bulwark
Front view

I used some Contact Cement and then used some CA Glue.

Piece provided by AL

I think a thinner piece of stock gives it a more authentic look… 🤔🙄

Cut out the Center
Bending the 2nd level of Bulwarks
2nd level of Bulwarks

Forecastle Caprails

I was looking at the Forecastle bulwark and I realized that I need to add some more Planks to it, so I added the Caprails.

I had the perfect wood for it too. Some Flexible Beechwood that I have for another project. I love this wood because it bends right around against the grain without soaking, etc.

Attached a 2mm thick piece of Flexible Beechwood

(Only problem with this wood is that it’s super expensive)

Last night I glued the Starboard side on with the Flexible Beechwood.

I glued it using alternative SuperGlue and Titebond II.

I worked pretty good. I did it like this because of sanding. That Contact Cement isn’t very sandable.

Anyway… On the Port side, I decided to use Dap Weldwood Contact Cement since there really wasn’t much sanding involved

Also to reinforce it, I added SuperGlue along the length of the seam… Let it soak a but and pressed it down.

It turned out really nice.

Flexible Beechwood Caprail Port side