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2nd Planking Top Hull / Bulwarks

Top part of Hull Port

I finally got the .5 x 4mm Tanganyika Wood that I ordered from Model Expo. Seems like it took forever! .. At least I bent some Wale while waiting…

Anyway… Here’s my Tanganyika…

Tanganyika and bent Wale
Starboard side done

I also trimmed all the excess Planks that peeked over the Bulwarks with my Ibex Plane.

By the way, the distressed wood is intentional…

Waiting for Tanganyika Wood

I haven’t Posted much because I am currently stalled while I wait for the UPS to arrive from Model Expo from whom I ordered a bunch of Tanganyika Wood.

I ran out of the .5 x 3mm Tanganyika Wood. Had to order some more… I swear, after I ordered it, it sat at “Processing” for nearly 3 Days until I got totally frustrated and wrote ol’ J Garcia at Model Expo an Email asking him “WTF?!?!!!!…” FINALLY, they shipped it and I’ve been checking UPS Tracking like 3 times per day, but it’s STILL “On the Way…”

I suppose I can soak and bend the 1.5 x 3mm Walnut for the Wale.

Second Planking Top Part of Hull

Start second planking

I’m using Contact Cement for this work..

I bought some .5 x 4mm Tanganyika Wood for this.

Tanganyika Wood
Getting there…

I used a Sharpie to add the “Oakum” to the sides of the Planks. Mainly because I felt guilty about forgetting to add the Oakum to the Lower Hill below the Wale. .. At least this way the Upper Hull Oakum catches the eye…

Port side

I was having some pressure problems so I added some Cheaters. ..

Main Deck Planking – Forecastle

Here’s the Main Deck before I start…

Main deck

First thing in going to do is to remove the Bollard guides that come up from the Bulkheads.

Here’s a good Article about how to do it at Modelers Central…

One thing you have to do with deck planks to simulate the caulking that’s in between each plank using like a number 6 b pencil and what you do is you get a few and then you scribe a bunch of them at once. I’d say maybe you like 5 80 mm long planks and just put them on a clip and just use a pencil across them all. I made the mistake of doing it one at a time and it’s better to get a bunch at once.

1st Row done
I’m debating to leave this little gap in the Waterway… Hmmm… 🤔