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Completed Hull construction

I realize that I’ve skipped over a lot of the Construction. It is turning out great so I figure I’ll go ahead and Post where I am right now.

I completed the Planking and I painted the Hull and added the Wales.

The wood for the Wales I left bare by using some thin Masking Tape.

Tamiya 2mm Masking Tape PN TAM87177

It worked really well I must say.

Wale Starboard Side
View from top
View from bottom

Using Razor Blades to Remove Guides

I messed up a bit. I put the Deck Planks in before I took the guides out. I should have waited so that the Planks will cover the Stubs where the guides were. Well… I’m not going to worry about it. There will be so much going on that this descrepancy would be hardly noticiable.

Anyway, I used one of those Scalpel looking Xacto Blades to remove the guide stubs until I noticed that I was scraping the Deck with the side of the Blade. So, I switched to those Wood Chisel looking Blades.

After I got about half way through using various Xacto Razors… I realized that it is a lot easier simply to use my Sprue Cutter.

Deck Planking

Before installing the Transom… Which is basically ready to be glued in, I decided to go ahead and put in the Deck Planking.

This will save me work later on because I can simply take off the excess of the Deck Planking that goes over instead of having to measure them out.

I will go with 80mm Sections for the planks and I’ll “color” the sides in with my Pencil… Giving it a more worn and weathered look.

Bare Deck before Planking
.6 x 5mm Mohagany Plank in the middle
Begin Bow
Continuing Planking Main Deck
These little ones one the sides are a bit of a pain
Working on the Poop Deck
Work progresses…
I typically work on it on my lap