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Gun Ports

First Gun Port

My first Gun Port. I figured I better cut all of these out before I do the Painting.

The Gun Port itself is 12x12mm.

For the Gun Port Doors, I’m making some. This kit didn’t really provide the adequate parts so I had to make my own out of spare Lumber that I have.

Making Gun Port Doors
X-Acto with #24 Blade

X-Acto #24 Precision Blades is my main tool for this. I carefully push it into the wood. Unfortunately for this first Door, I went right into a Bulkhead!!! .. 🤔🙄😲

As you can see, I used some Masking Tape, which I cut right through! ..

Starboard side
Marking it out

I’m really annoyed with myself that I accidentally made the 4 Stern most Gun Ports too big. They are supposed to be 10mm Square and I made them 12mm Square and 13 in one case!!! .. Why did I do that???!!! .. Fuck if I know!!! .. 🤔🙄😲

So annoyed with myself!!!

The 2 Forward most Gun Ports are 10mm Square though.

Port side is correct… I screwed up on the Starboard side but I am not going to mention it because it will be barely noticeable…

Stern Gallery Planking

The Instructions called for 1.5x2mm Bokapi Planks for the Gallery Planking but I decided to use some spare .5x5mm Walnut Planks which I had lying around which I used my mini Table Saw to cut down to 2.5mm.

Sanding down the Gallery

I’m using some .5x5mm Walnut Planks which I cut down to 2.5mm. 🤔🙄

I also used Contact Cement.

Going up between Windows

I had to put those .5mm Strips inside the Windows to bring out the Windows more than they were.

Middle Window

I ended up cracking in two the Center Window as I was trying to fit it in the middle slot…


Wale Port

I had the Walnut Wood Strips 1.5 x 3mm soaking in Water + Glycerin for almost 24 hours. I had no problem bending it.

Form Shaping

These DeWalt Clamps only go so deep. The Wale will be down below the Sapelle Wood.

Port side
All the Wale pre-bent
Painting on some Primer
First Wale in

I used Contact Cement and in some spots SuperGlue.

I added SuperGlue on the very end
Port side done

Yeah… I put another coat of Black paint on it…

2nd Coat

I always feel like an Able Bodies Seaman sitting in a Bosun’s Chair while painting over the dings in the Wale up some river in England… 🙄🤔

2nd Planking Top Hull / Bulwarks

Top part of Hull Port

I finally got the .5 x 4mm Tanganyika Wood that I ordered from Model Expo. Seems like it took forever! .. At least I bent some Wale while waiting…

Anyway… Here’s my Tanganyika…

Tanganyika and bent Wale
Starboard side done

I also trimmed all the excess Planks that peeked over the Bulwarks with my Ibex Plane.

By the way, the distressed wood is intentional…

Waiting for Tanganyika Wood

I haven’t Posted much because I am currently stalled while I wait for the UPS to arrive from Model Expo from whom I ordered a bunch of Tanganyika Wood.

I ran out of the .5 x 3mm Tanganyika Wood. Had to order some more… I swear, after I ordered it, it sat at “Processing” for nearly 3 Days until I got totally frustrated and wrote ol’ J Garcia at Model Expo an Email asking him “WTF?!?!!!!…” FINALLY, they shipped it and I’ve been checking UPS Tracking like 3 times per day, but it’s STILL “On the Way…”

I suppose I can soak and bend the 1.5 x 3mm Walnut for the Wale.