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#5 Strake

As I was gluing in the #5 Strake, I realized that I would have to force it up into the #4 Strake above it with a clamp.

Instead of doing that, I decided to leave a Gap where I’ll slide a Cheater into it. A Double pointed Wedge into this little Gap.

Gap between Bulkheads #6 – #12
I made this Double Wedge in order to fill it

I also have another Gap on the Bow which if I didn’t leave it would have given me a reverse Camber, so I’ll put some Putty in there to fill it up.

There’s a little Gap between #4 & #5 between #1 & #2 Bulkheads

The #5 Strake was laying nicely on the Port side so I didn’t have a gap like I did on the Starboard.