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I’m experimenting with adding Ammonia to the Water that I use for bending. I’m giving it about an hour’s worth of soaking to see how it turns out.

I used about 120 ml / approx 1/2 Cup of Ammonia, for this Tube that I use for Soaking.

I boil the water in the Kettle and mix it all together. There is a Screw on the top.

The problem I’m having is that the wood is splintering as I bend it. So hopefully this takes care of the problem… Hmmm 🤔🙄😲

Splintered Wood

I’m going to go ahead and use it… For all things considered with this Model, the 2nd Later is going to be some pretty thick Walnut Planks so I’m not too worried about how the 1st layer looks.

All I’m really concerned about is to do it in a classical fashion. It’s an exercise really.