#3 Strake

Here’s the 3rd Strake taking the bend.

So far, so good… Although I’m not really happy with the wood that Mamoli gave me in the kit… I guess the consolation is that this is only the inner Plank and an outer Walnut one will go over it.

Port Side 3rd Stake taking bend

Speaking of Wood… I wasn’t very impressed with the Wood for the Bulkhead either. This will probably be the last kit that I buy from this company.

Although their laser cut parts aren’t too bad. But their Instructions are very poor. This is definitely NOT a kit for a beginner!!!

Strake swollen from soaking.

I put a picture of the Strake that I’ve had in the Water for about an hour. Perhaps I’ll go a little less than that because it swelled up really good. It’s probably a good 1 – 1.5mm thicker than it should be!

Port Side gluing in… As you can see, I finally had to resort to using Pins 😲🤔🙄
Port Side glued in
Plank Bending Jig working on next Plank… #3 Starboard Side

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