#2 Strake

I will have 12 Planks that will fit in the Upper Band.

Therefore, 12 5mm Planks have to fit in the space with only 26mm worth of space in Frame 1.

First Strake taking the bend

I know different people have different methods. Some may ask why I don’t just use a Plank Bender. I’m not a fan of how a Plank Bender breaks the wood in order to simulate “bending”. I enjoy making the wood take the bends as natural to the wood as I can possibly get it.

Just showing the taper. I went down from 5mm to around 2.5mm
Port Side gluing in
Starboard Side taking bend. This time I used a Rubber band

Hmmm… Just noticed this little error…

Guess I’ll fix it with some Putty later.

I’m trying to avoid using Pins as much possible… Although the possibility still exists where I may need to resort to using them.

I did order some Planking Clamps for MicroMark but it’s on back order so I doubt it will get here on time for this project.

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