#11 Strake

As I bend this #11 Strake around, I realize that I’m almost getting to the limit of bendability with these Planks around the Bow bend.

#11 Starboard side

The Stern portion looks like it’s coming along great and that the numbers worked out perfectly at 12 Planks to the Transom.

While I’m at it, I might as well make a mention of bending the Planks across the Jig.

This one is the last #11 Strake. I’ve been slowly making the Strakes as I go to allow me to adjust the thicknesses as I progress. This last #11 Strake is for the Port side and will match the one on the Starboard side that I made on this Jig.

Anyway, I soak the wood in the Wood Soaker for about 1 hour. I use 1/2 Cup / 118ml of Ammonia per 1 Cup / 235ml of Water.

Then when I bend it on the Jig, bend it nice and slow so as not to allow the splinters to come up.

I learned the lesson for slow bending after making a few Planks that raises Splinters as I mentioned before in a previous post.

Nice clean bend
#11 Port side gluing in

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