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Bow Cheeks

The instructions haven’t called for it yet but I decided to go ahead and get this step over with.

I’m not even sure what this is called. But these planks are here to make this gradual curve on the stem from the bow.

I need to fill in between the 2 sets of Wales.

I’m in the process of bending the Planks now. With my new used Iron I bought from Savers for $5.99! LOLOLOL!!!… This iron is perfect for the job too!

Put in this 1mm Filler between the Wales and the Planks on the Stem

This entire thing will be sanded down to a nice smooth curve for the ornamentation.

It does look like I’m making a mess of a perfectly good Bow… Hmmm…

I realized the Port side sticks out a but further on the Wales. I did adjust for it.
Starboard side done
Port side sanded down

I’m thinking about adding some Tree nails to make it look a bit cooler.

Adding Treenails
Treenails done…

Filler Planks

I’m at the point where I’m making these Fillers to cover the last of the holes around the turn of the Bilge.

Starboard side, using Wedges to hold it in while the glue sets

These Cheaters are a real pain. I didn’t make them in the classical sense but it still does the job.

Gluing in tip of Filler

Got this Filler in…

Filler for Port side

I consider these Fillers similar to Cover-Up Make-up. It is an imperfection that will be all but invisible.

Port side Filler

I must say… Making Fillers are probably one of the most relaxing actions. ,🤣😲🤭

Last Filler on Starboard side. Not quite thick enough but I’ll just use some Putty.
Filler for this small hole on the Starboard turn of the Bow.

I was just thinking to myself that I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out and needing only one or two fillers in the middle. I’ve seen guys that had nothing but filler after filler on their ships because they didn’t do their planking right. I should know because I was one of them!