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Beginning to make the Turn

I’m slowly working my way around to the turn of the waist.

What I have so far…
From the Stern

Yeah. .. Notice the sharp bend on the last Bulkhead to the Transom. It’s very steep.

I find that I have to Soak the wood first for the Stern section. So… I’m doing it by eye so I may end up making some Fillers .. 🙄

Fixing cracks in Pre-Bent Planks 2x5mm Sappelle
Looking Bow on

I’m thinking to myself that maybe I should start planning more??? 🤔🙄😲

Bow Cheeks

The instructions haven’t called for it yet but I decided to go ahead and get this step over with.

I’m not even sure what this is called. But these planks are here to make this gradual curve on the stem from the bow.

I need to fill in between the 2 sets of Wales.

I’m in the process of bending the Planks now. With my new used Iron I bought from Savers for $5.99! LOLOLOL!!!… This iron is perfect for the job too!

Put in this 1mm Filler between the Wales and the Planks on the Stem

This entire thing will be sanded down to a nice smooth curve for the ornamentation.

It does look like I’m making a mess of a perfectly good Bow… Hmmm…

I realized the Port side sticks out a but further on the Wales. I did adjust for it.
Starboard side done
Port side sanded down

I’m thinking about adding some Tree nails to make it look a bit cooler.

Adding Treenails
Treenails done…

#3 & #4 Strake Starboard Side

So I ended up screwing up once again and bent the Planks in the wrong direction!!!

So now, I’m having to wait for the other pre-soaked Planks to bend.

I’m still getting Splintering though… Even with Ammonia. I may leave it in a bit longer than 1 hour next time.

Splintering… Very annoying 🤔😤
#3 Strake Starboard side
Strake #4 Starboard side

I’m kind of annoyed at myself for not taking in the edges of the Planks as it makes the turn… I forgot to do it. It’s really kind of minor but it’s something that “should” be done… Hmmm

From Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders by Donald Dressel