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Micro Shapers

When I got my Belem kit from Artesania Latina, there was a video in the DVD that came with it showing these Micro Shapers. So I decided to order some from Micro Mark to give them a try.

I didn’t really have a need to use them until last night. I shaped the bottom part of my Stern Quarter Gallery of the HMS Surprise, instead of using triangular buttresses as was in the Instructions.

I used the Micro Shaper to make the bottom part under the windows in the Stern Quarter Gallery

Here is the Video from the DVD –

Here is what they look like…

I suppose they work pretty good… Although I’m not sure for how long since the metal is rather thin. We’ll have to wait and see.

It did a good job above on the bottom of the Stern Quarter Gallery so I suppose I’m happy with it.

MicroMark Sanding Blocks

I bought these Sanding Blocks from MicroMark.

They work really nicely with the Rounded side. It makes it ideal for getting into the curvatures of the Bow and Stern areas.

They come with these little Wing Nuts and a Dowel for holding the Sandpaper in.

My only issue is that they are too big for standard Sanding Paper that come in Sheets.

So, to remedy that problem, I bought these Sanding Belts that are made for Belt Sanders and I simply cut them up do they’ll fit.

Otherwise, you’re stuck buying them from MicroMark.

I jus at found out something interesting. When you cut a 3″ x 21″ Bent Sander Paper at the same widths as the Sanding Blocks, there’s one each that’s perfect for each Block. One big and one small. I’m sure they made it like that intentionally.

MicroMark Mini-Clamps

I swear, these little MicroMark Mini-Clamps work perfectly on these Garboard Planks!

I was having a heck of a time trying to find a way to squeeze them together because they’re at an angle, and I didn’t want to end up having them bowed in from applying pressure on the wrong place.

Well, these little Clamps have these little triangles in them that are ideal for catching the edges.

Clamps holding Garboard Planks inwards

Plank Bending Jig

I bought this Plank Bending Jig from MicroMark. I had forgotten all about it to be honest! Anyway, I’m using it now and so far it looks like it’s working pretty good. I suppose you can just make your own but I bought it to fill out my orders to over $75 bucks for the Free shipping.

One thing that I found annoying though. MicroMark gave you just enough of these little Washers to fit the Spacers. Well… I promptly lost one of the Washers and without it, it won’t tighten hard enough. So now I have to hassle around with buying some more!