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#1 Strake / Sheer Strake

I am starting the Planking with the Sheer Strake. This Plank will not have anything taken off at the ends and will go all the way across as is.

Sheer Strake Starboard Side taking the bend
Starboard Side glued in

I’m doing the same with Port Side…

Port Side making it take the bend
Gluing in Port Side

Walnut Strake above Sheer Strake

I wet this 1.5mm x 3mm Walnut Plank for about an hour so that I can try and bend it around the bow for a bit to take the bend.

While I was bending it, I noticed that the Walnut tended to break. I suppose that I could have accomplished the same thing without forming it first with water.

I ended up with trying to use some Titebond on the break. We don’t think it will break any further.

I’m literally holding it with my finger waiting for it to grab.

I’m leaving a bit of a lip on it where the Gun Ports will go.

I almost had a potential disaster when this Walnut Plank broke. I filled the crack with some glue while I hold it. Basically performing Wood first-aid.

This Walnut strip runs along the Gun Ports. I don’t know what it’s called.