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Gammoning Bowsprit to Stem

Gammoning means to make this Loop around the Bowsprit to the Hole in the Cutwater and you make around 8 turns around.

Gammoning Bowsprit

Then you put about 1/2 dozen frapping turns around it to tighten.

First you start with a Running Eye… Which is basically a Siezed loop around the end of the Line.

I use French Whipping for this purpose.

Stretching Line out

I bought this Hemp Line and I noticed that it was a kinked and bendy looking. So what I did was to soak it and I’m now in the prot of stretching it.

Stem and Keel

I think that I’m ready to install the Stem and the Keel.

Making sure alignment is right with the Stem
Stem and Prow gluing in with Rubber Band vise

I thought I was going to need some Putty for the Prow, but it was probably unnecessary. Hmmm…

I tested the first Keel out and it looked like it was going to fit perfectly.

This is one time that I wish I had a couple more of these DeWalt Clamps.

Gluing in Keel

I got the entire Keel glued on. So far, so good. I was a bit worried about how it was going to turn out but I’m pretty happy with it.

Keel on
It has only the most slightest now. Barely discernable to the eye.

While sanding the Stern section of the Keel, I took advantage of the Sawdust that I was sanding off… I moved them over to where this gap was on the Keel and I filled it with both the Sawdust and White Titebond Glue.

Filled it with White Glue and Sawdust

I guess that mixture of Glue and Sawdust is the age old standby for Putty.