Looking at the HMS Surprise this morning, I am just thinking that it’s almost ready for these Wales… Although I did make a few micro-adjustments here and there and a few areas of Puttying, which I have to wait until it’s hard before continuing. Of course they were around the Gun Ports. Besides I have to wait until morning to turn my compressor on to blow this ship before using the Contact Cement as to not disturb the neighbors.

Just waiting until the Sun is shining.
Bending Walnut around Jig
Pre-Bent Wales ready to go
Cracked Walnut Stock

The above two 2mm x 2mm were the ones that cracked on me last go around. What I did was to re-soak them for 2 more hours in 1/2 cup Ammonia to 1 cup Water in my Plank Soaker.

Then, I turned the wood 90° so that the wood would perhaps take the bend in that direction a bit better… I’ll tell you in a moment.

The 2 pieces I cracked… I turned it 90° to attempt the bend in that direction instead.
The one on the right cracked very slightly but it wasn’t too bad
Bending… I put that 2nd board on it to stop cracking on the one on the right.
Yeah… This bend came out clean!!!
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