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Mizzen Top Mast

I started this whole thing by aligning all the Deadeyes into the proper position and then Supergluing it into position.

I had a problem with some of my earlier ones where the Superglue plugged up the Deadeyes holes so I made sure they were open by pushing through a Needle through each hole.

Deadeyes being glued into position

Making Deadeyes
Mizzen Top Mast Shrouds done

Fore Topmast Shrouds

First 2 Deadeyes

On these Fore Topmast Shrouds, I put the smaller Deadeyes in with the anchor through the side of the Top. I had to put some Superglue on them to hold them tight.

I use a Clove Hitch with several loops. Then I fix the knot with Superglue. I found that Superglue works pretty good for this work… Although be careful not to bend it else it will break.

What I do is to tie a Clove hitch around a loop, then I pull it tight and cinch the knot.

Spacing Jig for Topmast Shrouds

Port side done
Starboard side done…

Mizzen Mast Shrouds

After a bit of a break, I’m back to working on the Mizzen Mast Ratlines. I was holding off on it until I finished the rigging for the Spanker.

Here I have the first 2 sets done…

Starting on Mizzen Mast Shrouds
Mizzen Mast Shrouds done

I had a couple of do overs… When I mistakenly looped the last Shroud under the Gaff Boom Stay. And also I used a Square Knot around the Mast so I couldn’t get it adequately tight enough so I had to take it all apart and I used a simple loop which worked nicely to be tightened on both sides.


I had to order these Cleats from Model Expo… Here’s the Link… Model Expo Cleats

They’re made out of Cast Peuter and some of them are pretty messy. Here’s a picture of some of them…

Peuter Cleats

I prefer something a bit more solid but what are you gonna do? I tried to clean them up as good as possible.

I added these Cleats to the Poop Deck. I kind of goofed on it a bit and it is too close to the Stern Taffrail.

Line Bundle Coiling Tool

Line Bundle Coiling Tool

I’ve found that it’s often really difficult to physically wind the Lines in and out of the Belaying Pins.

I’ve been pre-making the bundles on this tool, then attaching the coiled bundle on to the Belaying Pins. After which I can loop the line on the inside and make it fast with a drop of Superglue. It gives the illusion of having been wound around the Belaying Pin.

Take a bit of Line
Wind a few turns
Pass the line under then pass through to get a knot