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Poop Deck – Part 1

When installing this Taffrail… I installed a little 5mm x 2mm stock behind it in order to being back the rear end of it.

I then am putting in these Walnut strips in order to make the Taffrail appear Vertical. Or that’s the plan that is.

(I won’t mention that I kind of messed up with the Taffrail…)

Gluing in 1st of Walnut strips
Making the front part of Poop deck

That piece above?… When I was first opening the kit up, I inadvertently broke it. It’s the front part of the Poop deck. The part that drops down from the Poop deck to the Quarterdeck.

What I’m doing now is gluing two 5mm wide strips together to get 10mm… Then, I’m going to paint it Black and glue it “behind” the Poop deck Strip. Then, I will bolster it some more with a couple of other pieces before gluing it on to the Deck. This part will be the front of the Poop deck.

Gluing in support behind the Quarterdeck Windows

I used the Titebond Translucent Glue for this.


I’m staring work on the Taffrail above the Transom.

Right now, I’m bending it using the bend of the Taffrail as the Jig. Probably will have to keep it there a long while until it’s nice and dried and has the Stern curve in it.

Bending Taffrail on Stern as Jig

Mamoli – Missing Instructions!!!

Okay… I’m happily plugging along. I’m on Step #9 and finishing it up. Onwards to Step #10 Correct?…. WRONG!!!

This kit company Mamoli shorted me the Instructions from #10 through #15!!!… Well, the Instructions are there, in part I suppose. But only in GERMAN!!!

So, now I’m stuck doing Google Translate to Translate all of Step #10 from German to English. There’s some words that didn’t translate over either!

Very annoying.

Translating the German into English! Ugh!
Here’s my translation…

Main Deck Planking – Midship to Stern

Starting to do the Main Deck from the Midship area back to the Poop Deck on the Stern.

Starting from the middle

As I got to the edge, these Planks that needed custom cutting to fit became more difficult.

Edge Planks

What I normally do is to hold the Plank against the edge and make a Mark at that point. Then, I taper the Plank from that Mark all the way to the end.

I filed out the Main Mast Hole halfway through planking
End cut on Starboard side… This one went in perfectly after the 1st cut!!!
Ugh… I went and covered up the Mizzen Mast Hole forgetting to file it out first!!!

Good thing I remembered it before the glue dried!

Saturday Feb 8, 2020 – 4:35 a.m.

I just completed all the Planking for the Main Weather Deck.

Main Deck Planking – Midship

I decided to create 3 different Posts for the Main Deck Planking.

What I did for the Planking is to divide the Ship into 3 different sections… Forecastle, Midship and the Poop Deck.

It sure makes it easier when you’re trying to line up the Planks having 3 different sections.

Anyway… Here’s the Midship Planking so far…

Notice the Midship aligns differently from the Forecastle… 🤔🤭😲

Notice that I have one long Strip of wood on the Port side of that set of Planks next to the Hatch? I cut it with my Mini Table Saw.

Micro Mark Mini Table Saw

The Glue that I use for Deck Planking is Titebond II and occasionally SuperGlue for repairs.

I find that these Planks in the middle… You can’t really mass produce them as others. Well… You can, but I find that often you have to do a custom fit job so those mass produced planks need to be cut one way or the other.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I Measure, Cut & Scribe each plank individually.

Treenails on Deck Planking

I was looking at one of the guy’s Post on my Model Ship Building Group you’re of the HMS Beagle. Anyway, I asked him whether his decks came pre-Scribed and with Treenails. He hasn’t answered me yet. However, that got me to thinking about Treenails on my own decks!…

The guy’s HMS Beagle decks scribed with treenails

Hmmm… Is it worth it on a 1/75th scale model?

Anyway… I’m going to put this link here and in my Techniques Page for future reference from Modelers Central.

After much consideration… I’ve decided not to Treenail the Deck Planks

The main reason being the Scale… I’m thinking if it was like 1/40 Scale, I probably would.